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Picus Associates, Inc.

Real Estate Consulting Services
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The following summarizes the width and breath of Picus Associates portfolio of real estate activities.

                               Commercial                                                                                                       Master Plan
             Development Plan                                                                                                                Naval Yard Redevelopment
                               Hotel                                                                                                                 Educational
                         Remediation                                                                                                      Infrastructure
                       Prestige Special Purpose                                                                           Retail - Commercial
                    Historic Residential                                                                                                Residential - Open Space
           Industrial Conversion To Commercial                                                                            Residential
                                                  Commercial - Hotel                                                                           Mixed Use Master Plan
                                 Residential                                                                                        Residential Conversion to Commercial
       Remediation & Restoration                                                                                                           Educational
                             Technology                                                                                                            Hotel