About Our Firm


Those who recognize the value of outside advice in their real estate activities often turn to consultants. But while consultants help develop ideas, they rarely take the responsibility for carrying them out to execution. And when valuable investments are at issue, good ideas alone are not enough. Ideas are judged by results, and not intentions.

Picus Associates is experienced to act on the advice we offer. We not only help our clients research, analyze, formulate creative ideas and find opportunities, but also manage the process to make the ideas and solutions work.

To put it another way, at Picus Associates we are as committed in doing as we are in thinking. When universities, financial institutions, corporations, private investors and other clients retain Picus Associates, our early involvement in the process helps define the client’s objectives, conceive clear goal priorities, and create an effective execution strategy to best represent our client’s culture and needs.

We have assembled a professional staff uniquely skilled at real estate analysis, land-use entitlements and development. But we demand much more of ourselves than the dispassionate expertise of a consultant. We expect ourselves to be skilled managers as well as informed thinkers who will put their knowledge, skill and expertise at the disposal of every client we serve in order to put our client’s interests first. As a result, when a client retains Picus Associates, it retains not just an individual but the entire firm. Perhaps that is why our clients, once they enlist our aid, tend to establish long lasting relationships with us.

Every real estate project, whether a vacant tract of land or an improved site, is complex and means dealing with many specialists, from accountants, appraisers, attorneys, architects, builders and brokers to engineers and government officials. All these specialists have their own interests to consider and their own perspectives on the enterprise. How do real estate investors ensure their interests are protected? Picus Associates are generalists versed in all the specialties, a professional advisor with broad expertise, who can work in close cooperation with the client’s day-to-day operations and never lose sight of the investor’s objectives.


Picus Associates was formed in 1993 as a spin-off of K.S. Sweet Associates, Princeton Office – a firm engaged in private company financing and in real estate development and investment. Since inception, Picus Associates has successfully operated as a boutique style real estate advisory firm in order to allow its senior professionals to directly engage and maximize attention on each assignment instead of managing a larger organization. The firm remains dedicated to assisting land owners create and implement strategies for the effective acquisition, entitlement, management, use and disposition of their valuable real estate assets. Picus Associate’s senior professionals are positioned to remain nimble in order to maximize their focus on high-quality client engagements that are typically linked with identifying and addressing opportunities or challenges that transcend our client’s routine business.


  • Princeton Forrestal Center – one of the nation’s leading university associated business parks, this 2,200 acre suburban mixed-use development serves as Princeton University’s Corporate Office and Research Complex. Client: Princeton University
  • The Navy Yard – considered the most successful redevelopment of a former military facility in the country, this 1,200-acre dynamic urban development, offers the City of Philadelphia’s region a unique and centrally-located waterfront business campus. Client: Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation

Other notable clients of PIcus Associates and its predecessor include: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Owings Mills Corporate Center, The Educational Testing Service, Hercules Inc., The Lawrenceville School, Beth Medrash Govoha – Lakewood Yeshiva, Legg Mason Inc. – Real Estate Services, McDonogh School, Meridian Bank, Olin Corporation, Princeton University Press, Rider University, Rochester Community Savings Bank, Sarnoff Corporation and the Vanguard Group of Investment Companies.